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All Purpose Cleaner

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All Purpose Cleaner


A gallon of our All Purpose Cleaner makes 12 gallons of cleaner when mixed with water.  Rather than filling your garage with specialized cleaners, a gallon is all you need for your interior and exterior cleaning jobs.  Our All Purpose Cleaner serves can be used not only as a cleaning agent but also as a degreaser.


  • Mix with water to the desired cleaning strength you require.  This cleaner is suitable for all the interior surfaces in your vehicle including seats, carpets and even vinyl.
  • This highly concentrated formula is recommended for commercial use.
  • Removes dirt from fabric, carpet, upholstery, vinyl and leather
  • This surfactant-based cleaner contains wetting agents that produce a superior foaming action that is strong enough to lift dirt and grime out of floor mats but is also safe to be used on plastic and vinyl materials


  • For light cleaning, mix 1 part all purpose cleaner with 12-13 parts water.  For heavy duty cleaning, mix 1 part all purpose cleaner with 4 parts water
  • Spray on stubborn parts and allow time to clean
  • Rub with a sponge or soft brush if necessary
  • Vacuum excess cleaner or rinse off with water